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eTwinningu projekt

Oleme sellel aastal alustanud koostööprojekti "Pride of Place" Iiri kooliga- Glengurt National School.  
Kooli kohta info asub siin.

Esimeseks ülesandeks on meil enda klassi õpilaste tutvustamine.
Pildil: Tagumises reas vasakult: õpetaja Anne Rätsep, Emily Ruus, Ragnar Kirsi, Ardy Annus, Oskar Martsoo, Johannes Ergezinger ja Oliver Kalde.
keskmises reas: Angelika Savolainen
Esimeses reas vasakult: Johanna Mihkelstein, Marleen Haas, Keiro Tarn, Veroonica Loorents, Jan-Matis Limberk

Meie ingliskeelsed tutvustused on järgmised:

1. Johannes Ergezinger-  I'm 12 years old. My hobbies are athletic sports, math and going to  music school. In my family we are six people. My mum and dad and two brathers and my sister. Besides I have one brother and one sister who live in Germany
2. Marleen Haas-  My name is Marleen,I´m 12 years old. I like to play the piano and read books. I have read a book about Irish fairy stories.
3. Ardy Annus- I´m happy, most of the time. Sometimes i´m active and I like animals. I talk to other kids and play with them.
4. Keiro Tarn- My name is Keiro Tarn. I like to play video games and do sports. I know that Gallarus Oratory is one of the earliest churches built in Ireland.
5. Angelika Savolainen-  I am fast smart, fun, friendly and helpful. I like to make different things and do sports. I know that Irish and English are spoken in Ireland. The Irish capital is Dublin. Ireland is the second largest island in the British archipelago.
6. Johanna Mihkelstein- My name is Johanna. I live in the countryside with my family and animals. My hobbies are: crafting, drawing, handicraft, photography, collecting owl items and caring for animals. I absolutely adore owls. I know that Ireland has a lot of redheads, the capital is Dublin and that a famous symbol is the four-leafed clover.
7. Emily Ruus- I live in a beautiful place called Estonia. I dance a lot and in the future I want to become a teacher of dance. I started dancing when I was 5 years old. I don´t know much about Ireland, but I know the story about a little man and a gold pot at the end of the rainbow. I´m good at singing and acting too.
8. Oskar Martsoo- I'm normal student. I like reading and woodwork. I'm kind and calm. I know Ireland is the best country in Eurovision.
9. Jan-Matis Limberk- My name is Jan-Matis. I have a lot of hobbies. For example football and badminton.
10. Olver Kalde  My name is Oliver and I am 12 years old. I like to go fishing and hunting with my dad. Fishing and hunting are my hobbies. I know that the capital city of Ireland is Dublin. Ireland is an island. I have visited Ireland two times because my aunt and her family live in Ireland.
11.  Ragnar Kirsi- just joined our class and he is still adapting.
     12. Veroonica Loorents- is homeschooled.

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